Solo Dogs: A Unique Dog Boarding Business Launches

Announcing the launch of a new dog boarding business for special needs dogs in Seattle: Solo Dogs! If you have a reactive, fearful, or shy dog who you dread dropping off at a traditional boarding facility, or if you have a senior  geriatric dog who has mobility issues, or if your dog is recovering from surgery just when you trip planned: Solo Dogs can help!

The idea for Solo Dogs was born from a holiday dinner at the Ahimsa Dog Training facility in Ballard. I lost my dog-reactive dog, Sagan, in October 2015 and as the Ahimsa trainers offered me their condolences, several asked if I was boarding reactive dogs. They knew that I had the skills, and that my home had been selected and modified to meet the needs of a senior dog who had a host of medical issues in later life, but remainded dog-selective. I had not really considered boarding before, althouth I had been watching a friend’s lab puppy, who is in love with my back yard. The Ahimsa trainers told me about all the Growly Dog clients they knew of, who had no where safe and relaxing to board their dog-reactive dogs.

When I came home from the dinner, the idea stuck with me. All weekend I pondered and wondered it would be like to have different dog-reactive dogs staying in my home. Or elderly grey-muzzled dogs laying in the sun again. And the more I imagined it, the better and better it sounded. Being a web designer, I came up with a business name, made a logo, developed a website, and commmenced with all the legal paperwork: and in February 2016, Solo Dogs was launched!

I am deeply grateful to Ahimsa, the current trainers, the new owner Wynona Karbo, the founder Grisha Stewart, to Ellen Naumann, and to all my friends who told me this was a great idea I should pursue.