Dog Boarding Services

Is your dog a good match for Solo Dogs?

A successful boarding experience comes from making sure that my living situation and my boarding skills are a good match for your individual dog’s personality, health, behavioral issues, exercise requirements, and training. Your dog should be:

  • Not aggressive towards humans. If your dog is shy and fearful and requires a “proper introduction” and lots of time to become comfortable around new people, this is totally fine. But if your dog growls, snaps, or bites at humans without reasonable provocation, he or she isn’t a good match for the Solo Dogs environment.
  • Crate-trained or able to be left unattended in a small room without causing harm to themselves or property (4 hour max duration)
  • House-trained with no history of marking areas that have been recently occupied by other dogs. Elderly dogs with incontinence can be accommodated but will be restricted to a single room if they are not wearing diapers.
  • Current on all rabies vaccinations, titers, or other documentation from vet.
  • Spayed or Neutered
  • 60 lbs or less
  • Able to be contained by a 6 ft fence
  • Does not dig holes in grassy/mossy yards
  • Medium to low energy level (does not need strenuous exercise to relax)
  • Does not resource guard food, water, or toys from humans.
  • Does not have body handling issues. Family members must be able to safely handle, move and lift dog without growling, snapping or biting.
  • IMPORTANT: On a “gluten-free” diet during their stay with me. Gluten-Free means: no wheat, rye, barley, or oats, therefore a “Grain-Free” dog food meets this requirement.

Think We’re a Good Match?

Step 1: Contact Me and give me brief details about your dog and his or her special needs and dates of any upcoming trips. I’ll send you a Solo Dogs Boarding Application.

Step 2: Meet & Greet Sessions (free)

After I’ve reviewed your Application, and if we both feel your dog is a good potential client for Solo Dogs, we’ll schedule at least one meet & greet session in my home. Multiple meet & greet sessions that last several hours are not uncommon. Meet & greets are designed to allow you and your dog plenty of time to explore my home and yard, and allow us adequate time to get acquainted and access your dog’s comfort level with me as a caretaker. NOTE: If you’ve requested dates and I’ve said I’m available, this is not a firm booking until your dog has been approved to  be boarded.

Step 3: Trial Overnight Stay ($40)

If your meet and greet sessions go well, your dog will be invited to a Trial Overnight Stay. A Trial Overnight Stay is required to see how your dog will adapt to sleeping in my home. Clients will be asked to supply all bedding/crates to simulate the exact environment that is needed for longer stays. Once an overnight stay is completed, you’ll be notified if your dog has been approved to be boarded by Solo Dogs and only then will your requested dates be confirmed as booked.

Tip: Since Meet & Greet Sessions and Trial Overnight Stays need to occur during times when I am not boarding another client’s dog, it’s a good idea to schedule these well in advance of when you think you may be needing to use Solo Dogs boarding services. Until your dog has been formally approved for boarding, any dates you requested may be booked by another client who is already approved.

Dog Boarding Rates

  • One Dog: $85/day
  • Holiday Boarding Surcharges and Incontinence Laundry Fees May Apply

Additional Services

  • Medications dispensed (free)
  • Video Monitoring Set-Up (free)
  • Texts with photos or videos and reports of your dog’s activities (free)
  • Pick-Up/Drop-Off: Under special circumstances, transportation may be available depending on length of stay and driving distance required (additional charges may apply)
  • Incontinence Laundry Fee: For incontinent guests, there may be an additional daily laundry fee depending on how many loads per day are required to keep bedding sheets and rugs clean. Generally this ranges from $10-$20 per day. Using doggie diapers with pads will greatly reduce the need for laundry.
  • Squirrel-Chasing Lessons (free)