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Sagan at 14 years old in the carpeted kitchen.

Solo Dogs has the experience, environment, and tools to care for your senior dog’s mobility and incontinence issues.

Senior dogs are among my favorite type of special needs dog boarding clients because I understand challenges that often accompanies owning an older dog. When you want to travel away from home, you need someone you can trust with your silver-faced companion, who has earned the right to a safe, comfortable, and well-supervised place to stay during your travels.

Boarding older, elderly, or geriatric dogs comes with many challenges that other dog sitters or dog boarding companies may not be capable of, or want to manage:


Tillie at 13 years old, in the dog room. Yoga mats and washable carpets provide traction. Oil heater behind ex pens provide warmth. Orthopedic bed with washable crib cover provides comfy place to nap.

  • They may have issues with mobility and slip on uncovered hard floors
  • They may not be able to climb stairs
  • They may be need to be taken outside frequently or have easy access to a yard
  • They may be incontinent and have accidents indoors
  • They may require medication management on a strict dosing schedule
  • They may be hard of hearing or have vision problems
  • They may need assistance standing and walking and navigating

Solo Dogs has a great environment for your senior dog:

  • All flooring is / can be covered with non-slip coverings (rugs or yoga mats).
  • No stairs are in my home, house is one-level.
  • I work from home, which means I am here, with your elderly dog, to help them use the yard when they need it.
  • For incontinent older dogs, I have converted a room in my house to be able to care for dogs who may be incontinent. The room has linoleum flooring which I cover with yoga mats and bathroom rugs for traction. The room can be configured with an oil heater for extra warmth, since older dogs often get chilly. I also have a luxurious 4″ thick orthopedic bed that is covered with a waterproof washable cover.
  • Since I’m home much of the day and set my own schedule, adhering to specific medication dosing is not a problem.
  • I always approach elderly dogs from the front and slowly, to give them time to react and use hand signals.
  • I am familiar with and comfortable using harnesses with handles to help dogs stand up and walk, and will happily escort them during backyard strolls if required.

Kitchen modified to provide path for incontinent dog from interior washable room to back yard door.

Solo Dogs has many years of experience with elder dog care. My home environment has been modified to make an older dog’s stay safe and comfortable. I happily customize the interior of my home for each dog’s individual and unique needs during their stay.

If you think your senior dog would be a good fit for what Solo Dogs offers, read more about  Solo Dogs boarding services and requirements.

If you have any questions about Solo Dogs and my services regarding senior dog boarding in Greater Seattle, please contact me.