Where is Solo Dogs Located?

Solo Dogs is located in the north part of Greater Seattle / Seattle Metro area, outside of the Seattle city limits. Once an application has been received and approved, I’ll send you the address in advance of the Meet and Greet session.

Do You Do Any Training?

Not really. The only training I do is to teach visiting dogs how to use a doggie door if their mobility is good enough to do this safely.

Do You Walk Dogs For Exercise?

No. The only reason that I will take a dog off my property is in the case of an emergency. While I am home, dogs have access to a large fenced back yard, suitable for fetching. I own a Chuck-It and know how to use it 🙂

Where Will My Dog Be When You’re Not Home?

It depends on your dog’s personality, training, and your preferences. I have a small room that has access to a doggie door that leads to a locked enclosed dog run (6′ x 10′).  The room has an extra large crate that is 31″ high x 28″ wide x 42″ long. The crate has a 4″ thick orthopedic memory foam mattress. Options include:

  • Crated.
  • Crated with access to doggie door/kennel run.
  • In a small room with doggie door locked.
  • In a small room with access to doggie door/kennel run.
  • Allowed in main house area.

Where Will My Dog Sleep?

Typically dogs will sleep in a crate in my bedroom. Other arrangements are possible, and if you want your dog to sleep in another location, please let me know. These are some of the details we’ll work out after your application is approved and  when we schedule a trial overnight stay. My goal is to replicate the sleeping arrangements in your household as much as possible while still getting a good night’s sleep.

My Family is Comprised of Two Dogs, Will You Board Them Both?

Solo Dogs may accept multiple dogs for boarding on an extremely limited case-by-case basis. This refers to dogs who normally live together and who share no history of resource guarding or reactivity towards each other. Special consideration is given to dogs who are part of a dog family  where both dogs may have special needs (ie, one dog is reactive to unfamiliar dogs and the other dog is unable to walk without assistance).

My Dog is not “Special Needs” – Will You Give Me A Discount?

No. Solo Dogs is a unique boarding business and because I only board one client at a time, my availability is limited.

Why Do You Need My Dog Food and Treats to be Gluten Free?

I have Celiac Disease, and my house is gluten free. Since I handle dog food and treats, it’s easier and safer for me if they don’t contain any gluten. If this conflicts with your dog’s dietary restrictions, let me know.

What does “Gluten Free” mean?

Gluten Free means no wheat, no barley, no rye. Because oats are often cross-contaminated with gluten, no oats either. If a dog food is “grain-free”, then it’s also gluten-free.

If a dog food is “Grain-Free” is it “Gluten-Free”?