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How To Keep An Elderly Dog Warm

2014-02-babushka copy

Sagan doing her impression of a babushka.

Many of us who live in northern climates who own short-haired dogs, know it’s a challenge to keep them warm. We learn to read their body language, and know when they’re cold, they curl up in the tightest ball possible or attempt to burrow under our covers. When you live in the Pacific Northwest and your dog has short fur AND is elderly, keeping them warm is even more of a challenge.

In this article, I’ve listed some of the ways that I’ve attempted to keep my senior dog warm and comfortable during the cold and damp Seattle winter (and spring and fall). I’ve also included some ideas that my special needs boarding clients have used to keep their short-coated seniors dogs snuggly in cool weather. Continue reading

Getting Traction: Non-Slip Floor Covering Ideas for Older Dogs and Dogs with Mobility Issues

Non Slip Flooring Yoga Mats Senior Dog

Solution to Senior Dog Slipping: Yoga Mats!

One of the biggest challenges for older dogs is walking on slippery floors.

If your dog is incontinent, you are making it harder for them to get up and move away from their rest areas if they can’t get good traction. Slippery floors also increase the change of orthopedic injuries.

Youngers dogs may have no issues with bare wood, tile or lineoleum flooring – for for older dogs – these types of surfaces can be very problematic and really impact their quality of life. Continue reading